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Troublesome Truck
The 1997-1999 Troublesome Truck




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The Troublesome Truck was the first freight car produced.


  • 1992 (stenciled face, staples, flat magnets)
  • 1993 (lighter shade of grey, stamped on face from Troublesome Brakevan)
  • 1994 (original shade of gray, stenciled face)
  • 1995 (round magnets)
  • 1997 (thicker wheels, smaller magnets)


  • The variant with a printed, contrasting face and lighter paint (known as a "White Face Troublesome Truck") saw only a limited production run due to the fact that it was a test run. The examples made were never meant to be released.
  • The Troublesome Truck was successed by the Cargo Cars, Rickety, and the Giggling Troublesome Trucks. The latter two of which have been produced in several variants.


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