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Toad the Brakevan
2006 reintroduction


1998, 2006


2002, 2006; 2012 (United Kingdom)

Item Number:

LC99086 (1998-2002)
LC99027 (2006-2012)

Toad is the loyal brakevan of Douglas and Oliver.


  • Some of the original models of Toad did not face backwards as his character should have. Instead, they faced forward like the NW Brakevan. However, some versions sold of the first model do indeed face backwards, and the 2001 Yearbook states that he is "always happy facing backwards".
  • An early version of Toad's reintroduced model had the brake lever facing the wrong way.
  • Toad's reintroduced model was part of the Lead Paint Crisis.
  • He and the NW Brakevan are the only actual British brakevans in the range; the Sodor Line Caboose, Haunted Caboose, Winter Wonderland Caboose, and Musical Caboose are all American cabooses, and the Troublesome Brakevan is in fact not a brakevan at all.


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