Toad the Brakevan
2006 reintroduction


1998, 2006


2002, 2006; 2012 (United Kingdom)

Item Number:

LC99086 (1998-2002)
LC99027 (2006-2012)

Toad is a polite, gentlemanly brake van who, along with his engine Oliver, was rescued from scrap by Douglas.


  • Roy Wilson's hand-made prototype for Toad sported sticker decals instead of printed detailing, a light beige roof, and a hand-sculpted face.
  • A factory error of Toad's original model had his magnets facing the wrong way.
  • A factory error of Toad's reintroduced model had the brake lever facing the wrong way.
  • Toad's reintroduced model was part of the Lead Paint Crisis.
  • He and the NW Brakevan are the only actual British brakevans in the range; the Sodor Line Caboose, Haunted Caboose, Winter Wonderland Caboose, and Musical Caboose are all American cabooses, and the Troublesome Brakevan is in fact not a brakevan at all.


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