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Sawmill with Dumping Depot
1998 box





The Sawmill with Dumping Depot was a formerly available destination. It came with one Henry's Forest Log Car and a special log.


  • Curiously, this destination featured Henry's Forest Log Car employed as the carrier for its sawmill log. The Sawmill Log Car, which was released one year after this product, was the car regularly tasked with carrying this type of cargo and was a variant of the Forest Log Car, the only difference being the red color.
  • Like the Mountain Tunnel and Deluxe Knapford Station, the Sawmill was relatively massive and was potentially tricky to incorporate into layouts.
  • The Tidmouth Timber Yard is considered the successor to this set.
  • At the end of the sawmill's saw, there were two male track connectors, to which pieces of track can be connected.
  • The destination, despite only including one log car, does not function properly without a non-included second car.
  • The prototype sawmill log seen in the 1998 catalog image did not have the notches that help the saw split the log.


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