The 2013-Present Rosie





Item Number:

  • LC99033 (2007-2012)
  • Y4398 (2013-Present)
Rosie is a fun-loving pink tank engine who was brought to help on Thomas' branchline. She thought of Thomas as a role model, and used to follow him around.


Learning Curve

  • 2007


  • 2011 (CGI styled face)


  • 2013 (Updated face, longer magnet guards and curved edges)
  • 2018 (No paint on chassis and various other places, red livery, no domes)

Other Models


  • Rosie's 2007 Prototype has darker blue windows, has slightly darker paint than the final model and her side tanks appear thicker.
  • When Rosie was first released her window closest to the front was a bit smaller than the other one. Her 2008 trough 2011 model fixed that making both windows even. Her 2013 model changed her windows back to having the one a bit smaller.
  • Her door way and window insides were blue up until her 2013 release which they turned grey. Strangely her Early Engineers model has her window insides white but kept her door way blue.
  • Rosie was missing her blush and lip gloss up until her 2011 model.
  • Rosie's 2013 model is seen with and without a red front buffer beam.


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