2002 (individually)

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Rickety (first released as "Rickety" the Troublesome Truck) is a teal troublesome truck which can rock up and down as it moves. He was only seen in the Railway Series.

Special Models


  • The prototype Rickety has a paler green, no front details, a black ledge around the body, and the face has no eyebrows.
  • Rickety was unnamed in the Railway Series, so he was given a title which described his function, although that later became known as his name.
  • Rickety's face is grey but in the Railway Series, it was teal.
  • The Troublesome Truck from the 2013 version of the Gold Mine Mountain set is still labelled as Rickety, despite having been redesigned with a CGI face. This may be because it was included in place of Rickety once the set was reintroduced under Fisher-Price and still shares his rocking gimmick.
  • He was included in the DVD train bundle packs.


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