2013 Rheneas


1997; 2004; 2012


2000; 2002; 2010; Active

Item Number:

  • LC99077 (1997)
  • LC98008 (2008)
  • LC98169 (2012)
  • Y4388 (2013)
Rheneas is a tough little narrow gauge engine who works hard even if it means some scratches and scrapes. He has a fine sense of humor and keeps the engines at the Blue Mountain Quarry smiling.


  • Learning Curve
    • 1997 (Wooden funnel)
    • 1999 (Plastic funnel)
    • 2004 (Carmine livery, white wheels, larger face)
  • Tomy
    • 2012 (CGI-style face, vermillion livery, additional details)
  • Fisher-Price
    • 2013 (Less detailing, curved edges, plastic dome and longer magnet guards.)

Special Models


  • Rheneas' 2004-2011 model depicted him less accurately than its predecessors had. It sported white wheels, a carmine livery, A square nose, and a more rotund shape. These inaccuracies were based off of various magazine and annual illustrations.
  • He was not featured in the 2000 pamphlet, but was featured in yearbook.
  • He was the only narrow gauge engine from Season 4 who wasn't released by BRIO.


Special Models Gallery

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