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1992, 2008, 2010


2007, 2009, 2016 (individually)

Item Number:

LC99019 (1992-2007, 2010-2012)
LC99142 (2008-2009)
Y4077 (2013-2016)

Harold (also known as Harold the Helicopter and Harold with Retractable Pull) is a helicopter who currently resides at the Sodor Search and Rescue Center. His top blades can spin.


  • Learning Curve
    • 1992 (stapled on wooden base)
    • 1994 (plastic base)
    • 2008 (redesigned with magnetic hook)
    • 2010 (previous version re-released)
  • Tomy
    • 2011 (redesigned with new illustrated details, plastic 3D face, visible tail rotor, name on underside)
  • Fisher-Price
    • 2013 (redesigned with thicker blades, 2D face, unpainted tail rotor, magnet on underside, curved edges)


  • The Harold with magnetic hook was first sold in the Harold's Mail Delivery Set in 2004, and when it got re-issued individually in 2008, it briefly replaced the regular model.


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