Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack
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Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack (originally called Stop and Go Figure 8 Set Expansion Pack and later Conductor's Figure 8 Expansion Pack) is a track pack made to expand any of the figure 8 sets and turn it into a rectangle shaped layout. The pack was first released in Clickity-Clack Track in 2000, and then in traction rail from 2002.


  • Three 8' straight pieces
  • One 6' straight piece
  • Three 4' straight piece
  • One 2' straight piece
  • One 3 1/2' curved piece
  • One 3 1/2' single curved switch piece
  • One 6 1/2' single curved switch piece
  • One Action Switch Track piece
  • One T-Switch piece
  • Two track adaptors


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