2014 Duck



Item Number:

  • LC99018 (1994-2009)
  • BDG01 (2014-Present)
Duck (first released as Duck the GWR Pannier Tank Engine) is a green Great Western Engine.


  • Learning Curve
    • 1994 (no funnel, round roof, red outline on "GWR" lettering, flat magnets)
    • 1996 (rounded magnets and flat roof)
    • 2002 (back ledge removed)
  • Fisher-Price
    • 2014 (added funnel, updated paint details, black outline on "GWR" lettering, CGI styled face, curved edges and longer magnet guards.)

Other Models


  • Duck was on the "Classic Friends" page in the yearbook until 1996.
  • The prototype 2014 Duck had a green funnel, a less pronounced boiler, an added dome and safety valve, wheel arches, and handrails on the side tanks and cab.
  • His original BRIO model had green wheels, whereas his newer BRIO model gained the correct black wheels.


Special Models Gallery

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