Diesel 10





Item Number:

LC99156 (2000-2012)
Y4076 (2013-Present)

Diesel 10 is an evil diesel who has a claw called "Pinchy", which can move outwards. He has two sidekicks named Splatter and Dodge.


  • 2000 (Light brown claw, stripes facing diagonally right, three front and rear windows)
  • 2011 (CGI style face, modified brown claw, stripes facing diagonally left, two front and rear windows, modified illustrations, smaller body)
  • 2013 (Updated face, stripes facing diagonally right, no front windows, larger body, curved edges and longer magnet guards.)
  • 2018 (No paint on chassis and various other spots, single bogie, multi-directional movement for claw)

Other Models


  • The 2000 Diesel 10 was first released in special Thomas and the Magic Railroad themed packaging.
  • His 2011 model is featured in special Day of the Diesels themed packaging.
  • The prototype 2011 Diesel 10 had the previous version's face.
  • The first prototype 2013 Diesel 10 uses the 2011 version with the stripes facing diagonally left. The second prototype is a Photoshopped image.
  • Until 2011, Diesel 10 had 3 windows on the front and rear. This is inaccurate, since he has two on each end in the television series, as do real Class 42 "Warships".
  • The BRIO Diesel 10 has a claw that is designed more like a crane arm, since it can move up and down, as well as left and right, and includes a magnet tethered to a string. It can also extend out. Thus, the shape of the engine is inaccurate.
  • He was not featured in the 2000 pamphlet, but was featured in the yearbook.


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