2007 Derek



Item Number:

  • LC99158 (2001-2002)
  • LC99038 (2007)
  • LC98160 (2011)
Derek (first released as Derek the Diesel) is a diesel that was brought to help Bill and Ben at the Sodor China Clay Works. Derek has issues with his cooling system, which causes him to break down frequently.


  • Derek has only been named in merchandise; never in his appearance.
  • On both of Derek's models, his engine can be slid out and pushed back in so it can be "repaired."
  • Derek's prototype 2001 model had a pale grey engine, while the final 2001 model had a black engine.
  • Derek's 2001 model had a green back with a black engine, while the 2007 version gained the correct yellow back. His 2007 model has a green engine.


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