2013 D199



Item Number:

  • LC99071 (1996-2008)
  • Y4084 (2013)

D199 is an arrogant diesel engine from the Other Railway who dislikes steam engines.


Learning Curve

  • 1996 (flat roof; squared edges)
  • 2005 (rounded roof, new face)


  • 2013 (new face, minor shape details, longer magnet guards.)


  • D199 was released in 1996, but his Prototype featured flat magnets.
  • His original model was largely influenced by his ERTL model. They share the same depicted details and a similar face.
  • The 1996 model had a common factory error, with the roof graphics being printed reversed from the proper direction.
  • D199's 1996 model deviated markedly from his depiction in the Railway Series, due to its rectangular shape. D199's 2005 and 2013 models were redesigned and looked more faithful to his Railway Series depiction.
  • He was not featured in the 2000 pamphlet, but was featured in the yearbook.


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