Many collectors make their own Thomas Wooden Railway models, and these are known commonly as, customs.

Jamesis5's Customs

FlyingDuckManGenesis' Customs

HIROD51's Customs

Harvey27's Customs

WTrak's Customs

KepCollie's Customs

Woodenboy7101's Customs

Herryfan19's Customs

Duncan Crook's Customs

turtlesandthomas' Customs

Zombie407's Customs

HiroTheJapaneseTrain's Customs

ThomasNo1Fan's Customs

NickTF89's Customs

Ryatron 12's Customs

Domeless Engine's Customs

Javrod 1996's Customs

The TWR Critic's Customs

ArthurtheLMSEngine's Customs

FlyingThistleStudios' Customs

Miipack603's Customs

OliverTheGWR11's Customs

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