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Culdee 2015
2015 Culdee


1996; 2005; 2015


2000; 2008

Culdee is a purple mountain engine who works on the Culdee Fell Railway in the Railway Series. He has a coach called Catherine.


  • 1996 (wooden funnel)
  • 1999 (plastic funnel)
  • 2005 (larger face; corrected proportions; lighter shade of purple)
  • 2015 (reintroduction)


  • Culdee was one of the first Railway Series exclusive characters introduced.
  • Culdee was later released in a very rare pack with a box car.
  • Oddly enough, Culdee was released in 1996, yet his prototype showed flat magnets and thin wheels. His prototype also had white dots in its eyes, as well as a black funnel, but was originally released with a purple funnel.
  • Culdee's proportions are inconsistant because of his first model being based off magazine illustrations.
  • The prototype 2015 Culdee has a much larger face then the previous two models and has a straight boiler instead of a sloped boiler. He also no longer has the plastic sideplates the 2005 model had, and has a bufferbeam painted on the front.
  • Culdee and Catherine are the only models from the Culdee Fell Railway to be released by the Thomas Wooden Railway.


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