Cranky the Crane





Item Number

  • LC99327 (1999)
  • Y4368 (2013)
Cranky the Crane is a grumpy dockyard crane. He has two cranks on either side of him; one rotates his head, and the other raises and lowers his magnetic hook. He also comes with a cargo car and a piece of cargo.


  • Learning Curve
    • 1999 (Gray, yellow cargo piece)
    • 2004 (Green, new yellow cargo piece, black cargo car)
  • Tomy
    • 2011 (CGI style face)
  • Fisher-Price
    • 2013 (Larger magnet, new cargo piece, green crane arm, slightly updated details)
    • 2018 (Various unpainted spots, wooden bottom part with tunnel carved through, hollow plastic middle section, crane controls on top section, attached to plastic track base)

Other Models


  • Cranky was a recipient of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's "Best Toy Gold Seal."
  • The prototype for the 2013 model had a smaller magnet and a flatter face.
  • Cranky's BRIO model shares the same base design as BRIO's Tower Crane product.


Special Models Gallery

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