Countdown to Christmas Calendar



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Countdown to Christmas Calendar is an online exclusive accessory. It features an 12 day advent calendar containing vehicles and accessories beginning on the 14th of December. Each item is accompanied with a short story description. The calendar also has a small winter scenic playboard to place the vehicles.


The items are listed in the order of days.

  1. Santa's Little Engine Thomas
  2. Bakery Car
  3. Baked Goods Cargo
  4. Christmas Tree
  5. Percy's Whistle Cargo
  6. Present Overlay
  7. Green Cargo Car with Red Wheels
  8. Coal cargo
  9. Red Cargo Car with Green Wheels
  10. North Pole Sign
  11. Reindeer
  12. Santa with sleigh


  • The first, seventh, and twelfth pieces from this pack were re-issued from the Santa's Little Engine pack.


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