Coal Station





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The Coal Station was a destination. It has a crane, attached by peg mechanism, which can lift a coal load onto a conveyor belt, which can then move up to the hopper, and ready to be loaded in the next coal car. The destination comes with two coal cars. It was first made for Clickity-Clack Track, and then updated for traction rail in 2002.


  • The prototype Coal Station has black roofs, and less detailing on the decals.
  • The crane has a plastic "cable" so that the magnet cannot be raised as high as magnets on cranes normally can. This is so that the plastic piece at the bottom of the conveyor belt can push the coal pieces off of the magnet without the coal having to be detached by hand.
  • The Brendam Bay Cargo Loader, released in 2014, works nearly identically to this item.


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