Clickity-Clack Track
An Example of the Track's Design





The Clickity-Clack Track was the second track system for the Thomas Wooden Railway. It replaced the plain track design in 1994. The name "Clickity-Clack Track" came from the sound made when the trains traverse it. It was replaced in 2002 by Traction Rails, which was said to give better performance to battery-operated engines.

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  • According to Roy Wilson, the founder of the Wooden Railway, the grooves in the track were meant to be embossed, but due to manufacturing difficulties, the grooves had to be cut into the track instead. 
  • The yearbooks have had various slogans for the Clickity-Clack Track System:
    • 1994- Clickity-Clack Track: See it... Hear it... Feel it...
    • 1995- "Clickity-Clack," Hear and Feel the Engines Rumble Down the Track
    • 1996- Get in the GROOVE with Clickity-Clack Track!
    • 1997- Clickity-Clack, Clickity-Clack... the Track that Looks and Sounds Like a Real Railroad!
    • 1998, 1999- Get on the Right Track with Clickity-Clack!
    • 2000- Clickity-Clack Track... Get on the Right Track!
    • 2001- Get on the Right Track!
  • From 1996-1999, Clickity-Clack Track was advertised as part of the Thomas Wooden Railway logo.


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