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Bertie the Bus



Item Number:

  • LC99008 (1994-2009)
  • BBT41 (2013-Present)
Bertie is a friendly red bus who takes his passengers all over the Island of Sodor. 


Learning Curve

  • 1994
  • 2002 (Updated Face, No Passengers, Rear Magnet, Added Detail)


  • 2013 (CGI Face, No Driver, Plastic Bottom, Curved Edges)

Other Models


  • Bertie's original model had his driver and seven passengers appearing in his windows and was missing eyebrows on his face. His 2002 model reduced the number to only Bertie's driver, and his 2013 model left him with no visible driver or passengers.
  • The original Bertie used nails as headlamps, and was the only other vehicle besides Sir Topham Hatt's Car to have this feature.
  • Bertie is the only road vehicle to have a battery-operated variation.
  • Bertie's 1994 Prototype had black stickers for windows.
  • Bertie's 2002 prototype had no rear magnet.
  • Bertie's 2013 prototype depicted him in the correct shade of red paint.
  • Bertie's 2013 model has a plastic base, whilst his previous models were mostly made of wood.
  • Bertie's BRIO model has light blue windows.


Special Models Gallery

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