Battery-Operated James
2013 Battery-Operated James



Item Number:

LC99713 (2001)
LC99718 (2002-2012)
Y4111 (2013-Present)

Battery-Operated James (first released as James Express Pack and later, Battery-Powered James) is a motorized variant of James that requires one AA Battery for operation.


  • 2001 (Battery-Powered Express Pack; directional switch, red wheels, includes straight 8" piece of Clickety-Clack Track)
  • 2002 (Redesigned, improved wheel grip, single push button only goes forwards, grey wheels, working lamp)
  • 2011 (CGI style face)
  • 2013 (Redesigned with black wheels and CGI style face)


  • The James Express Pack vehicle used the same body as the Thomas and Percy versions.
  • James was the first battery-powered tender engine, the second being Hiro, the third being Spencer, and the fourth being Gordon.
  • The first prototype of the 2013 James has gray wheels instead of black wheels.


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