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Aquarium Cars





Item Number:

  • LC99160 (2001)
  • Y5024 (2013)

The Aquarium Cars (briefly known as the Light up Aquarium Cars) are used to deliver sea life to the Aquarium. The tanks contain an octopus and a shark.


  • 2001 (square red and blue tanks)
  • 2004 (cylindrical tanks)
  • 2011 (light-up version)
  • 2013 (silver magnet casing)

Special Models


  • The liquid in the original version tended to leak after a few months of use due to the fragile nature of the wood surrounding the tank windows.
  • The Clown Fish Cars from the Aquarium Set are a lighter shade of blue than the 2004-2010 aquarium cars.
  • The 2001 prototype cars are the same length as Neil and Lady, whereas the released 2001 cars are the same length as Annie and Clarabel.


Standard Model Gallery

Special Model Gallery

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